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I've DROPPED 2 dress sizes already!!! Thanks ZUMBA!

News to share with you all.....and I hope some of you have noticed for yourselves but I have dropped 2 dress sizes already thanks to being back teaching.....

Lockdown killed us all didn't it?? but I noticed my anxiety was getting the better of me during lockdown and it meant I turned to chocolate and wine....yep I didn't even recognise myself and was breaching a size 14. Comfort eating and being lazy....I did a few at home workouts but I thrive on the energy of a class not the lighting from a screen.

I am not one for weighing myself as muscle weighs more than fat and Ive always been a person to be stronger than being skinny.....but I do measure on dress sizes and measurements.

Being consistent is key and turning up even if you dont feel like it is also mega important.

Getting back to teaching I have gone from a size 14 to a size 8-10! (Obviously not on my chest hahaha) 😝 its a great feeling and its definitely helping my mindset even more!

This weekend I will be emailing my students about some exciting things but also for those that have active memberships you will be receiving a email with your nutrition plan & ab video. So keep your eyes peeled....

Comment below about your successes since being back at classes!! i want to hear from you weigh or measure? do you go by dress sizes? have you noticed a change?

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