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Burlesque Baby - Devon Dance Party - Exeter

So this is the first of many and I honestly can not wait.....Teaching a group of 18-65 year olds the seductive art of teasing - BURLESQUE.....yep thats right I am going to be teaching a group of beautiful ladies how to be seductive....

I have saved marriages by teaching this and today a group of Hens are going to be getting sassy and sexy with me in Exeter. They are also going to be performing this routine at the wedding and I am so excited for them.

I literally get a buzz from teaching this!!

Have you ever wanted to learn more? Do you know what Burlesque is? Read more below....

What is Burlesque:

So to put it plainly its the art of strip teasing and is a classy theatrical way to seduce someone. I like to add humour to my dance routines but many people like to be serious during theirs. It's a great way to embrace your body, learn to walk and dance in heels and build confidence. Like i said i have saved marriages teaching burlesque.

It has been around since the 17th Century and has evolved every year from the classical to humorous and even men burlesque dance.

How about a workshop guys to learn more? Book a girly get together in the comfort of your own home? Message me to find out more!

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