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Hi There, I am Claire owner and founder of Cherry VeDore Dance Co. Yep Im that crazy lady that gets you dancing and moving so much so, you have tooo much fun... 

I have been dancing since I was 5 years old but I was so strong willed and passionate I was known as the Diva of the group....which means I make a perfect Dance Teacher, teaching for over 10 years now from Commcercial to Dance Fitness and even Burlesque for Body Confidence... yep ladies thats right I can even teach you to walk tall in those heels....

Although I look like a super confident person, I also suffer from severe anxiety which often means I struggle to get out of the house. Teaching dance and the love for my students motivates me and helps improve my mental health which I can help you to!

I have taught and performed across the globe but being a mama has settled me back home and now its your turn to learn from me.... and I cant wait. 

Cherry Dance Co. is about embracing your curves improving your confidence and also having strict rules with me.... I love an independent solo! 



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