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I Did It

So it was the first week back....I was nervous but also amazingly pumped....the worst part was receiving messages saying people were heart sunk as all the nerves and anxiety came to hit me.

No one understands how much preparation goes into a class now with covid restrictions. The measuring, the dancing boxes, the booking system, the waiting list, the restriction of students that can attend.....but all of this is WORTH it because the buzz and the vibes each one of you gave, was just filling my heart.

I know alot of you have suffered with your mental health during lockdown the same as me, but this weeks classes have reminded me how much I love my students and how much I love to dance.

Pushing through anxiety is a strength in itself and it makes me so proud of each one of you..... keep going.....

See you next week.....videos to come!

Lots of love Crazy Claire xoxo

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